Remodeling Bathrooms

                Suggestions and tips for successful  bathroom remodeling project.

Bathroom renovation is the best way to add value to your home. Studies show that bath upgrades pay homeowners a much greater return on their investment than any other home renovation project. But before you start tearing down your existing bathroom, you must come up with a plan and decide if you can handle all aspects of this project yourself.  Do you have the time and knowledge to pull it through or perhaps you need a professional bathroom designer and remodeling contractor.  Check out these Bathroom Ideas  For a free quote* call Darek at 847 219-4020 or Contact Us

  • One smart bathroom remodeling tip is to locate your existing plumbing pipes and determine where they run throughout your house.  Adding or moving pipes through a house can be an extensive and expensive proposition- but tying into existing plumbing is simpler and can be more cost effective.
  • Although its more involved, consider expanding your facilities by adding a shower to an existing half bath or a double sink to a full bath to create more functional space and increased value.  
  • When planning a bathroom upstairs, try to design it so that it is directly above the kitchen wall that has the sink and dishwasher.  This way you can run pipes just a short distance up that wall and use them to feed the water lines in the new bathroom.
  • Another great tip if you are short on space is to consider a modular shower unit.  They are available in sizes from very small to quite large- and offer simple installations. You don't necessarily have to create a whole new bathroom infrastructure, the pre-made fiberglass shower stalls or tub/shower stalls simply need to be attached to existing walls.  These can save time, money and space.

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Bathroom remodeling projects not only add solid resale value to your home, but also increase the value and appeal of a property when renting or leasing.  For those who live in the home, remodeling adds the enduring benefits of a customized personal space and increased quality of life to be enjoyed for years to come. 

Like any construction project the price tag for renovating a bathroom depends on many factors, including: size of the bathroom, new construction or modifying an existing one, the possible need for an obscured window in the room, electrical work such as new lighting features, GFCI receptacles, exhaust fan or even a Jacuzzi tub and new 20A line, the amount and type of tiles, the types of plumbing fixtures needed for sink, shower or tub, custom shower doors as well as all your necessary construction materials- which can run into thousands of dollars depending on how far you would like to go.

Do not forget about proper ventilation in every bathroom.  The greatest enemies of any room prone to moisture like a laundry or bathroom are mold and mildew.  Properly sized and vented exhaust fans are a must.  The fan needs to be routed to the outside of the house, either through an exterior wall or through the roof.  In some houses existing exhaust fans blow into the attics- leading to hidden mold or mildew in insulation or up to the roof. As a general contractor, we built many beautiful and functional bathrooms, whether it was part of a room addition or just the bathroom renovation itself.

We are capable of building beautiful custom showers with tiled floors and walls, custom frame-less glass enclosures and steam showers.  A very nice and practical touch to a new bathroom is a heated tile floor.  We can install either mat or wire to cover the shape of the floor efficiently.

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