Tips for successful basement remodeling
Finishing the basement of your home is a cost effective way of obtaining additional floor space. Since the basement is at different level from your main living area, you can finish it to gain a quiet and peaceful place to use it as an 
exercise room, home theater, office or entertainment area. Also, you can finish or renovate your basement to be used as children's playroom to ensure peace and order in the remaining part of your house. The possibilities are endless and if you wonder about the cost of your project, here are some major factors:  

Size of the basement                                                                 
Number of rooms required                                                        
Need for egress window                                                           
Electrical work needed: light fixtures, outlets, communications
Amount of soffits needed to cover duct work and pipes           
Type of finishing carpentry: trim,  molding, doors                    
Number and type of windows                                                   
Type of Flooring                                                                       
Type of ceiling                                                                          
Full bathroom with shower                                                       
Quality of materials                                                                   
Contractor's qualifications                                                      Contact Us

Some of these choices can be decided only after the basement design is finalized. You can choose to finish only a part of the basement and keep the rest for storage space purposes. A large door will be required to access the storage space easily. Your visitors don't want to see your storage stuff when you entertain them in your newly finished basement. It's important to  organize your basement well so there is room for everyone. 

Other substantial Factors Affecting the Cost 

Very popular addition to modern basement is a bathroom. It could be just a toilet and pedestal sink but many home owners don't stop there. A nice custom shower is a great bonus and a big plus when it comes to selling your house. Installation of battery back-up for the sump pump is also very good idea. It's a must when it comes to protecting your basement. 

Basement Renovation Cost

It's impossible to provide an exact quote on any project of this magnitude over the phone. Minor basement improvements can start at couple of thousands, some major renovation could easily reach price tag of $40,000 and up.  For larger and more complicated basements  the sky is the limit. I still believe it's less expensive than moving to a new, larger home. 

Safety In Finished Basements 

Most Finished basements require additional exit. It's pretty easy to achieve it in walk-out basement. Other basements require an emergency escape window.  On most projects it involves removing existing egress window and enlarging the opening to proper size. We also strongly suggest to install smoke and CO detectors, especially if utility room is located in your basement. Another idea is to install moisture sensing detectors in case of some equipment failure like a water heater or sump pump.
As a general contractor, we finished many beautiful and functional basements , whether it was part of  large home remodeling project or just the basement renovation itself.
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