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Bathroom, basement, kitchen remodeling and room addition contractor.

We proudly service area of Wilmette for bathroom remodeling, basement finishing and room additions. We have many satisfied customers for real references. 

Welcome to Darek and Sons Remodeling, Wilmette, IL local home remodeling & renovation experts. 

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Looking to upgrade your bathroom? If you live in the area of Wilmette, the question of who to entrust this task to is simple to answer – Darek and Sons  Remodeling company are the local renovation experts. Not only can be remodel your bathroom, we also offer kitchen, basement remodeling. Indeed, we specialize in the interior space remodeling. Licensed and experienced plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians are employed by us so no matter what kind of service you require we are ready to meet your expectations. We offer the installation of such things in your bathroom and kitchen, like new cabinets, tiles, countertops, backsplashes or other appliances. Our extensive expertise in the field of home remodeling is one of the reasons why we are considered as one of the best bathroom remodeling contractors in Wilmette, IL. As far as interior carpentry is concerned, we offer such services as: crown molding, baseboards, chair rail, windows, doors, casings and stairs installation. Our plumbers are also ready for any task you would like them to do. For example, they can replace your old fixtures or add new ones. Replacing old pipes and faulty water tanks is also something that we have in our offer.
We can move interior walls to change room lay-out to meet your needs.     Bathroom Remodeling Pictures

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